Senior School - Year 9 to 11

When our young pupils enter our Senior School, we aim to do our best not only to prepare them for their Matriculation examinations, but to also help them develop their personal character and to introduce gradually their desire for learning.

Our Senior school is subject based, with pupils moving from one class to another for different lessons. We use this system so the students will get used to the created environment, which will be helpful for the students. Our Classes are small so each student during the lessons will get the connection needed with the tutor. We try our best to provide to our students custom made education that fits the different needs of each pupil.

In senior school we try to identify which subjects students would like to excel in. We offer a choice of language classes to choose from. We also offer ICT, business studies, science subjects and so on.

The school has a state of the art laboratory, a well equipped library, a music rooms, an art room, computer labs and much more.

Classes are small and preference is given to those children who attend our junior school.

In the senior school we focus on encouraging students to be creative. They are also taught how to carry out research in different topics. Extra curriculum activities are provided at the school and these range from sports, drama, dance and music.

Senior school students are able to live in our boarding school in Sta Venera. For details contact our offices.

In the senior school students are prepared for the Matsec exams in all subjects.

Biology is the compulsory science subject. Students can also follow Chemistry and Physics lessons.Students can chose other subjects depending on their preferences and career plans

In form 2 students are asked to chose their optional subjects. There include:

Option A: Chemistry and Physics

Option B: Accounts and Economics

Option C: Art and Economics