Registration Regulations

Parents are to contact the Rosanne Galea, School Principal or Paul Buttigieg, School Administrator, regarding application for registration of their children with Newark School Malta.
Parents of children with special needs would also need to meet with the head of school.

Prior to registration

Students applying for entry into Junior II and above shall be asked to sit for a placement test in English, Mathematics and Maltese. The Maltese placement test does not apply to international students.

Parents must forward their child’s latest school report prior to or on the day of the placement test.

Documentation required for registration

1. Fully completed and signed registration form 
2. Student’s latest school report (to be presented before or on the day of the placement test if applicable) 
3. Student’s birth certificate 
4. Student’s ID card number 
5. Photocopy of parents’ passports/ID cards 
6. Coloured passport size photo of child (from 2yrs upward)

Download Registration Forms


The documentation above is to be given to the School Manager together with payment of the agreed enrolment fees and the registration form. Enrolment fees may be paid in cash or by cheque payment.


Fees and additional costs for scholastic year starting September 2017

Class               Starter fee (only once)        Tuition fee (every 3 months)       Year Born
Junior 1            750 euros                              700 euros                                       2012
Junior 2            770 euros                              750 euros                                       2011
Junior 3            800 euros                              800 euros                                       2010
Junior 4/5/6      800 euros                              850 euros                                       2007/8/9
Form 1/2          1070 euros                            900 euros                                       2005/6
Form 3/4/5/      1100 euros                            1080 euros                                     2002/3/4

​Note that the date of birth is only indicative of the class in which the child will be placed. The school may request an assessment to determine the appropriate level.

The administration fee of the junior school is Euro 300 and that of the senior school is Euro 480. The administration fee is included in the starter fee. This is non refundable and covers the costs of the school in considering and processing applications as well as administering the school’s waiting lists for places. A non- refundable registration fee is payable upon acceptance of an offer of admission to the school and serves to guarantee a place for the coming year. Fees are set in Euros and although the school accepts payments in other currencies at the prevailing exchange rate determined by the school, it takes no responsibility for bank changes or losses incurred due to fluctuations in exchange rates. School tuition fees are invoiced three times a year. The fees must be paid prior to the commencement of each invoice period. Fees may be paid annually in advance if preferred. Tuition fees are due prior to the teaching period to which they relate and the school reserves the right to charge interest on arrears and consider limiting the access of pupils in respect of which fees remain unpaid.

Interest at the maximum rate allowed by law will be charged for students having overdue accounts. Parents with overdue fees will be informed at least one week before the end of the first month of each term, In the event that fees remain unpaid one month after school starts, the student in question will be suspended pending resolution of the matter. School records and report cards will not be issued for students having overdue accounts.

To guarantee a place for subsequent years after the first, an advance (deducted from fees) of Euro 500 per student is payable by the last business day of March of each year.

Tuition fees will not be refunded for any reason for students who leave the school prior to the end of a term. A term’s notice must be given in writing to the Head of School if the parents or guardians with to cancel a place which they have accepted or withdraw the pupil after entry. The cancellation notice must be served by the parents in writing. Parents or guardians will be invoiced for the subsequent term if one term notice is not provided.

a) Parents are held fully responsible for payment of School Fees, regardless if the fees are paid by their employers or other third parties.
b) School Fees paid are not transferable to another student, sibling or semester.
c) Any over-payments will be credited towards the next semester school fees.

For children born in or after 2012 please contact the Newark Kindergarten school on 356 21 313121 or e.mail info@newarkkindergartenmalta.com

These contact details are also to be used for childcaring services