Jesús Robles Fernández, Teacher of sports at Newark School Malta

Daniela Caruana Grima -  Acting head of school

Tania Pintley, Junior 6 teacher at Newark School

My name is Tania and I teach Junior 6 at Newark school. The multicultural environment at Newark is definitely one beyond education; academically the students are trained and prepared as per curriculum but socially, they are thought to be tolerant and open minded towards other cultures. This enables our students to broaden their knowledge of foreign countries, cultures, values and languages; thus the encouragement of interaction and presentations in this particular year.

Junior 6 is a transition stage where students are well prepared and guided towards their senior years as a student. This year focuses on excelling the students' abilities and organisational skills while giving them the opportunity to personally develop.

I am a flexible and open minded person and I try to use a child centred approach in my class..

I am Laura, I'm from Spain and this is my first year teaching in Newark. I teach Junior 2.

The most important thing for me is the multicultural atmosphere that has been created by the staff and the students at Newark. It makes me feel very confident and comfortable at work.

The fact that there are only a few students in each class makes it possible to give each student individual attention. What is fascinating about our school is that it gives importance to equality and diversity.

I am very impressed and happy with the school because it is a place of equal chances for all the teachers.

My name is Jesús and I am originally from Spain. This is my second year working for Newark school.

I graduated as a primary school teacher. Teaching is my passion, and since the number of students per class is kept low, I can work with students on an individual basis. At school we are a young team of teachers and the atmosphere is positive and great.

I am a hard-worker and a very active person. I love sports. I am willing to learn and work to motivate students attending my classes. I love the teaching profession.

In summer I take care of the Newark summer school.

I am Daniela and I joined Newark School in February 2016. I used to teach Mathematics to all Forms as well as Physics and Science to some classes. My priority when teaching is to maintain a good relationship with my students whilst making the learning process as effective as possible. One of the things I love about Newark school is that I can help each student to learn in his/her own way since the number of students in class is kept low. Also, the multi-cultural student population makes the school very diverse and intriguing.

Presently I am working as an acting Head of School and support the school Principal in running the school.


When I was a student I always looked up to my teachers. School was my second home and teachers were my mentors and guides. Looking back at my childhood days I cannot thank my teachers enough for what they taught me, as thanks to them I am a woman of strong beliefs with a rich educational background.

In 2013 I graduated as a teacher from the University of Malta, since then I’ve always strived and did my best to be the same role model to my students. At Newark I teach Italian and Maltese in the senior school.  Here I have the opportunity to meet students with different backgrounds and this has helped me to further develop my teaching skills.

To my mind the teacher’s presence is essential in a student’s life. However, quoting Benjamin Franklin ‘’ Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn’ I believe that we as teachers are there to lead the way but it’s the students' will, thoughts and desires that should be valued most in class.

Laura Garrote Paz, Junior 2 Teacher at Newark School

Raissa Abela - senior school teacher

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