Dr Adel Radwan - Biology and General Science teacher

I think that Newark is a special school because the children are talented and because they come from many different cultures.

I can safely say that the children at Newark studying science are motivated and hard working. It is a pleasure for me to be part of the team at Newark.

Tania Pintley, Year 3 teacher at Newark School

My name is Tania and I teach Year 3 at Newark school. I've been working at Newark for a number of years. At Newark children feel part of the school family. We work hard to create a great school community.

I am a flexible and open minded person and use a child centred approach in my class. I also use Art for language development. 

School should be fun so we enjoy many school activities. I'm happy that our school is in a number of Erasmus+ projects such as Science All Around us, EU-Advertures. com and Sustain.  These projects are an excellent way for the children to meet other children from other schools in partner countries.

I am Ainhoa and I'm from Spain. Tis is my first year teaching in Newark. I teach Year 5.

The most important thing for me is the multicultural atmosphere that has been created by the staff and the students at Newark. It makes me feel very confident and comfortable at work.

The fact that there are only a few students in each class makes it possible to give each student individual attention. What is fascinating about our school is that it gives importance to equality and diversity.

I am very impressed and happy with the school because it is a place of equal chances for all the teachers.

Suzanne Garroni - A/Head of school

Choosing the right school for your children is not an easy decision. At Newark we are like a second family. We strive to make learning fun and we do this but adopting a hands on, creative style. Children are encouraged to be creative, to explore, to come up with their own ideas, to experiment and to have fun. The children enjoy the time spent at Newark and this gives us immense satisfaction.  

We have in our school children from 38 nationalities; 10% are Maltese. The rest come from the world over. Our teachers are trained to work with children whose mother tongue is not English.

Welcome to our school  


When I was a student I always looked up to my teachers. School was my second home and teachers were my mentors and guides. Looking back at my childhood days I cannot thank my teachers enough for what they taught me, as thanks to them I am a woman of strong beliefs with a rich educational background.

In 2013 I graduated as a teacher from the University of Malta, since then I’ve always strived and did my best to be the same role model to my students. At Newark I teach Italian and Maltese in the senior school.  Here I have the opportunity to meet students with different backgrounds and this has helped me to further develop my teaching skills.

To my mind the teacher’s presence is essential in a student’s life. However, quoting Benjamin Franklin ‘’ Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn’ I believe that we as teachers are there to lead the way but it’s the students' will, thoughts and desires that should be valued most in class.

Ainhoa Soroa  Teacher at Newark School - Year 5 (Middle School)

Raissa Abela - Class and subject teacher (Italian)

​Our teachers are:

Enthusiastic and passionate about their job.

Flexible and able to adapt

Internationally minded

They want to develop professionally

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