The Middle school is for children aged 8-13 years. In the middle school we work on character building to make our children good and respectful citizens. Apart from subject teaching we also focus on life skills. During these valuable years we encourage children to be creative and to read. We also prepare them to their teen years.

Science all around us

We have just started the Erasmus + Project - Science All Around Us. The main idea of the project is to make children aware of how important science is. The projects includes many activities; activities centered around the sea, the skies (birds, cloud formation, daytime and night time), generation of energy, the weather, the seasons and so on.... the sky in the limit. The first meeting will be in Greece at the end of November. 4 students and two teachers will participate. The partners are from Poland, Greece, Finland, France, Iceland and Malta  

Meeting in Timisoara 21 to 24 November 2018

This meeting will be attended by two teachers from our Middle School. The project is called Present for the Future and is a project intended to help increase school attendance.  The aim of the project is to understand why some children do not attend school and to work on these aspects to motivate and improve the school environment creating stability in the lives of children so that they consider the school as their second home.