Junior School

We are very proud of our school and are committed to deliver high quality education to all our children. We provide a happy junior school in which all children feel secure and confident. Children are encouraged to develop positive attitudes towards learning.

At Newark School Malta we strive to instil in our children, respect and tolerance as the means to maximize each other’s potential for life in contemporary multicultural globalised communities. We provide a close family environment where from young age are educated to be tolerant, socially responsible and independent of mind, equipping them for our changing world. We are a community that truly challenges pupils to discover their talents, develop socially and excel.

Pupils will be starting junior school at 5 years of age till 8. After junior school, children can proceed to middle school and then senior school. Certain subjects that we offer at school are optional. Religion and Maltese are optional and instead children can attend extra English lessons. Junior School teaching is topic based, students will remain in the same class, as required by National Minimum curriculum. We are fortunate at Newark Junior school to have a team of caring and highly motivated staff, who provide an exciting and stimulating environment in which all children can be provided with a wealth and variety of learning experiences. Teachers hold regular weekly meeting, in order to plan their teaching with colleagues. They attend Professional Development days. Teaching methods are discussed and the latest educational developments are implemented where appropriate. Outside school activities such as excursions, cultural trips, sports and fund raising for charity are given their due importance. Sports is also important for the well being of our children.

Boarding facilities are available for parents who need to travel abroad while the children are in Malta.

Newark School (Malta)