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Children learn to be creative during art and craft classes led by teacher, Patricia Fenech.

Art is a common language and the children enjoy expressing themselves through different types of artistic activities.

An exiting extra curriculum programme!

Learn more about our fun packed extra curriculum programme which will help bring out the best in your children


Art and craft, yoga, singing, music, drama, fun of the languages and lots more!

The programme runs from 13.30 hrs to 15.30 hours daily.

The children are organised in small groups and qualified teachers come to the school to teach music, art, drama and languages.

In addition to the extra curriculum programme, Newark also runs an after school homework club for those children who find it difficult to do their homework and study at home. We create the right environment for the children to do their work together with professionals in the field.


Children attending the extra curriculum programme and home work club will need to be picked up from school as there is no school transport other than at 13.30 hrs.  

All our Newark students enjoy their art lessons. In the photos you see some of the book covers created by the students. You can also see some carnival masks, designs, posters and so on.