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INOVA+ - Portugal 

CEEBIOS - France 


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The InNature project is linked to biomimicry, an approach that defends that sustainable answers to many problems faced today were already developed by nature. This approach defines that many problems solutions can be found through the emulation of nature patterns. Hence, this project aims to enhance competences and awareness on biomimicry in the School Community, including students, parents, teachers and directors and Informal Science Education Providers through the development and implementation in classroom of a set activities related to this approach and events, such as a fair about this thematic in schools. 

The goals behind the project, based on the need to increase the interest and knowledge in the school community, point out to: 

- reinforce the sustainability principle in schools for the whole school community; - develop new teaching resources to be used inside the classroom and outside; - reinforce STEAM competences in the school community; - learn more about sustainability; - have access to new and innovative teaching methodologies to apply in schools; - to scale up knowledge on nature-based solutions. 

The project points out the following target groups: i) the school community, namely primary and lower secondary school students – between 10 and 16 years old – and their parents, primary and lower secondary school teachers and directors and ii) Informal Science Education Providers, including biomimicry experts. The informal science education providers and biomimicry experts, like the primary and lower secondary school teachers, will have available teaching resources that can be adapted to other contexts. 

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